Until 1928, special orthopedic and traumatological assistance did not disappear in Katerynoslavschina. Treatment traumatological ailments were taken care of by the surgeons of the Zemsky Likarna (now the clinic is im. I. I. Mechnikov).


For the materials of the dissertation, L.O.Smirnova wrote and published a monograph, which is unique in terms of the originality and systemic nature of neurohistological studies.


Krim professor L.A. Smirnova in the warehouse of the department was trained by A.S. Bondaryuk G.E. Zelenska, Yu.K. Franzen, clinical resident Yu.K. Kukharchuk. For the materials of the dissertation, L.O.Smirnova wrote and published a monograph, which is unique in terms of originality and systemic neurohistological studies.

Рrofessor L.A. Smirnova in the warehouse of the department was trained by A.S. Bondaryuk G.E. Zelenska, Yu.K. Franzen, clinical resident Yu.K. Kukharchuk. The clinical base of the department has grown up after the orthopedic and traumatological examination of the regional medicine named after I. I. Mechnikov, who became the candidate of medical sciences Oleksiy Petrovich Mizin.

From the initiative of Professor L.O. Smirnova expanded the clinical base of the department, since in 1960 the child was shown orthopedic, which was supervised by A.P. Dmitrichenko. In addition, one of the first in Ukraine canned fabrics was opened. At the department of bulo rospochat gliboke vivchennya nutrition transplantation of cyst tissue in children and adults (Yu.K. Franzen). Since 1976, Professor Y.K. Franzen has visited the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Faculty of Education of Qualifications of Physicians (m. Kriviy-Rig). Figure 7 Professor Y.K. Franzen and Likar E.D. Kolodko on the rounds in the clinic of children's orthopedics.

A great addition to the development of surgical kisti in the Dnipropetrovsk region was made by the candidate of medical sciences, assistant of the department N.D. Head. ЇЇ The candidate's dissertation is assigned to the old versions of the keys of the list. Throughout 5 years, Nina Dmitriyvna was in charge of the center of surgery.


According to this initiative and with special participation in the Dnipropetrovs'ku metro station in 1982, it was opened in our republic, specializing in the development of a surgical brush as an interregional center.


Dedіlyayuyu postіyu and great respect for the preparation of the science of science from yogo critical at the Department of the abduction of 4 doctors and 9 candidate dissertations.

Yu.Yu. Kolontai is a delegate to all-Union and 10 republican trials of traumatologists and orthopedists, at which stages of advanced and scientific matters.


In 1990 he was awarded for the cycle of robots from surgery of the brush of honoring the honorary title “Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine”.

With the active participation of Professor Yu. Kolontai in 1971. in Dnipropetrovs'ka buv the VI z'yzd of traumatologists and orthopedists of the URSR was held: in 1972 rots - the All-Union conference on prosthetics, and in 1983 p. the appointment of the Presidium of the Board of the All-Union Association of Traumatologists and Orthopedists. In 1973, the book of labor glory of the Dnipropetrovsk region was insured. Yu.Yu.Kolontai was awarded with the orders of “Victory Day”, “Chervona Zirka” and “Bohdan Khmelnitsky”, medals, badge “Protect health for the witness”.


In 1985, Professor O.L. Loskutov and Associate Professor of the Dnipropetrovsk Engineering and Education Institute Vasil Leonidovich Krasovskiy created the first in Ukraine, an interregional laboratory on biotechnical prescriptive research for construction.

By the end of the Academy T.M. Stepanov 2 rocky pratsyuvav vіyskovy lіkar. Already at that hour, I started to see the doctors before orthopedics and traumatology. From 1909 to 1911, Rik T.M. Stepanov worked as a young assistant professor R.R. Harmful in the St. Petersburg Orthopedic Institute. At the Rock of Pershoi Svitovoi Viyni (1914-191b) - the head likar of the dressing paddock on the Russian-Austrian front. Z 1919 to 1935 p. - Assistant to the Director and Head of the Primary Part of the St. Petersburg State House of Art Prosthetics. In 1936, Professor T.M. Stepanov became the head of the department of the Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute.

Аt the moment of arrival in the Dnipropetrovsk metro station and a cob of robots at the chair of prof. T.M. Stepanova is meaningfully provided with additional assistance in case of a hospital trauma of an organizational unit, a trauma center from a stationary for 10 days in the area of ​​clinics. I. I. Mechnikova. In 1935, it was introduced at the Department of Victory of Viyskovo-Polish Surgery. TM Stepanov read practically all lectures on orthopedics. Traumatology was included in the course of the European-Polish surgery, as well as the assistant professor of the hospital clinic V.N. Klebanov.

Lydia Alekseevna's career began in 1925, when she graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Medical and Obstetric School and worked in Berdyansk. Then she was sent to study at the Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute. After graduating from the institute in 1931, L.O. Smirnova worked until 1939 in the medical and sanitary department of the Dnieper Railway.

During the Great Patriotic War, Lydia Alekseevna was the chief surgeon of a specialized evacuation hospital, where her talent as a surgeon and health care organizer was especially evident. Several generations of hip endoprostheses have been created on the basis of domestic developments with the use of the most modern technologies and materials, original designs of hip, ankle, metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal endoprostheses have been developed, theoretically substantiated and introduced into clinical practice.

In 1991, on the basis of the regional hospital. II Mechnikov opened the first in Ukraine specialized department of joint arthroplasty, which became an educational and scientific school for many orthopedists in Ukraine.


On the initiative of Professor OE Loskutova was created a problem laboratory on a voluntary basis, which in addition to the staff of the department included representatives of technical disciplines - twice "Soros" associate professor VL Krasovsky, Candidate of Technical Sciences Yu.O. Tarasov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences LV Zhivkova, designer AN Назаренко, В.Е. Tarasov, VV Kopyakov and others.

In-depth research in the field of biomechanics of normal, pathologically altered and prosthetic joints is carried out, which allowed the department to take international positions in this environment of biomechanics and to be widely represented at the international level (Holland, Germany, Canada, Poland, Italy, etc.). Research in the field of biomechanics has allowed to develop the first Ukrainian endoprostheses of different localization - hip, ankle, shoulder, metatarsal - phalangeal.

Under the leadership of Professor OE Loskutov, a lot of work is being done to create joint research programs with leading trauma and orthopedic centers in Europe. In recent years, the international relations of the department have expanded. Since 1997, on the initiative of Professor OE Loskutov, a program of Ukrainian-German educational symposia on topical issues of orthopedics has been created. With the help of these Symposiums more than 50 specialists from different regions of Ukraine and orthopedists-traumatologists of Dnipropetrovsk region underwent professional training on the problems of hip and knee arthroplasty, arthroscopy.

7 applicants continue to complete doctoral and candidate dissertations. Over the years, the influence and authority of the department on the quality and level of organization of medical work has grown immeasurably.

Purposefulness, high professionalism, great dedication and love for their work with such characteristics, the head of the department, Professor OE Loskutov leads his team into the new millennium. Today in the structure of the main clinical base, located in the regional hospital. II Mechnikov has three specialized departments - traumatology and orthopedics (60 beds), joint replacement (30 beds) and the department of orthopedics and rehabilitation (30 beds); in which more than 1,100 operations are performed annually. The clinic performs all types of surgical interventions and uses the latest medical and diagnostic technologies for injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Endoscopic surgery has been widely used. The staff of the clinic performs a lot of work on the introduction of new technologies in the field of hip arthroplasty in different regions of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Sevastopol, Ternopil and others, where joint demonstration operations were performed.

Academic of the National Academy of the medical sciences of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Meritorious Science and Technique Worker of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical sciences, professor, Vice-President of Ukrainian Association of Orthopaedists and Traumatologists, President of Ukrainian Association of  Endoprosthesing, President of Ukrainian-German Association of Orthopaedists and Traumatologists, Corresponding Member of German Society of Orthopaedists and Orthopaedic Surgeons (DGOOC), Chief of the Chair of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Dnipropetrovsk medical academy, director of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Clinic. 

Sir Alexander Loskutov was born in 1950 May 26, in Dnieprodzerzhinsk (Ukraine). Married, with two children. Graduated from Dniepropetrovsk Medical Academy in 1973. Profession - orthopedist-traumatologist.

- In 1982 he has supported a Thesis on degree of candidate of sciences (title of the thesis: ‘Multiple fractures, dislocation fractures of metatarsal bones and their treatment’).

- In 1991 he has supported a Thesis on degree of Doctor of sciences (the second stage) titled: ‘Surgical treatment of chronic damages of ankle joint’. He received a scientific degree of doctor of Medical sciences. In 1992 he received an academic rank of ‘Professor’.

The field of scientific interests:

- reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle.

- human joint replacement.

- biomechanics of the locomotory system.

Since 1991 Prof. A. Loskutov is the Chief of the Chair of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Dniepropetrovsk Medical Academy. In 1996 he was awarded with State Prize of Ukraine, in 1998 he was honored with Meritorious Science and Technique Worker of Ukraine. In 2012 Prof. A. Loskutov was elected as Corresponding member of the National Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine .

He is the author of 490 scientific works, 14 monographs and 54 inventions. Under his supervising there have been executed 2 doctor’s and 16 candidate Theses, and 1 doctor’s and 5 candidate Theses are executed.

Prof. A. Loskutov has a wide spectrum of scientific interests.

During 25 years he is engaged in development of endoprosthesing. Prof. Loskutov is the author of National Ukrainian program of Joint Replacement. Also he is the author of original new-in-principle constructions of endoprostheses of hip-, shoulder-, elbow- and ankle joints, as well as hand and foot joints.

Prof. A. Loskutov is an initiator of a wide spectrum of original biomechanical researches in the sphere of joint replecement, also he develops new bioneutralizing and bactericide coatings for implants.

Due to his initiative in 1991 the first in Ukraine specialized Joint replacement Clinic has been created. In 1996 Prof. A. Loskutov was found the special educational program of joint replacement for specialists from the different regions of Ukraine, which resulted to the opening of new orthopeadical centers in different regions of Ukraine. More than 260 orthopedists had attended this course. 

Prof. Loskutov is the initiator and the president of the first in Ukraine scientific- production company ‘ORTEN ltd.’ working on developing and producing of competitive endoprostheses of human joints.  Due to this elaboration Ukraine became the 8th country in the world, which has manufacturing of national endoprostheses.

He is the initiator and founder of the German-Ukrainian association of orthopedists and traumatologists for the application of the modern oerhopaedical technologies into the Ukrainian system of Health protection.

 In 1994 he was awarded as one of most influent people of the year in Ukraine. Prof. A. Loskutov in perfection possesses surgical operations on the locomotory system.

In 2008 Prof. A. Loskutov was elected the Corresponding Member of German Society of Orthopaedists and Orthopaedic Surgeons (DGOOC). Prof. A. Loskutov is Honorary Professor of Way-Fang Medical University (China, 2007), Honorary Doctor of Dnipropetrovsk National University (2009), Honorary Professor of Poltava medical academy (1996). Since 2009 he is the Representative of Ukraine in EFORT. In 2010 he was elected the Vice-chairman of Council of Pridneprovsk Scientific Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.  In 2012 Prof. A. Loskutov was elected as Corresponding member of the National Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine. Today Academic.